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Born to Run Fan Website

Here are some links to websites of characters you read about in the book "Born to Run". Enjoy!

Born to Run Signed Copy For Sale * Christopher McDougall's Homepage - Author of Born to Run.

* Barefoot Ted's Adventures - Follow the Adventures of Barefoot Ted: an athlete committed to re-discovering our primordial human potential.

* Caballo Blanco's Home Page - Caballo Blanco’s Home Page…read about his adventures, the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon and tour information.

* Scott Jurek's Homepage - Scott Jurek, ultramarathoner and Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and Badwater Ultramarathon champion.

* Billy Bonehead's Frog Blog - Wandering the Tropical Outskirts of America.

* Luis Esocbar's Photos - Mas Loco Coyote's photos from the 2006 Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon

* Train with Eric - coach Eric Orton's web community full of training programs, forums, blogs, etc.

* Minimalist Runners Google Group - Share experiences running barefoot and with minimalistic footwear, footwear that allows the foot to feel and to develop strength naturally.

* Born to Run Fan T-Shirts - A Running Re-Evolution is Afoot

* Luna Sandals - Huaraches for Primates - This is BFT's sandal company started in 2006 shortly after returning from his original trip to the Copper Canyons. Huarache sandals are great minimalist running footwear and fun to wear casually too.

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